Bullied as a Kid, Obese as a Grown-up?

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By MedLine Plus 05/20/2015

"WEDNESDAY, May 20, 2015 (HealthDay News) -- Adults who were bullied in childhood may be at an increased risk for obesity, heart disease and diabetes, a new British study suggests.

"Our research has already shown a link between childhood bullying and risk of mental health disorders in children, adolescents and adults, but this study is the first to widen the spectrum of adverse outcomes to include risks for cardiovascular disease at mid-life," said senior study author Louise Arseneault. She is a professor from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at King's College London. ..."

Read the entire article: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/news/fullstory_152658.html

Why Men Kill Themselves

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By Pacific Standard 05/22/2015

"Finally, Drummond had everything he’d ever dreamed of. He’d come a long way since he was a little boy, upset at his failure to get into the grammar school. That had been a great disappointment to his mother, and to his father, who was an engineer at a pharmaceutical company. His dad had never showed much interest in him as a child. He didn’t play with him and when he was naughty, he’d put him over the back of a chair and wallop him. That’s just the way men were in those days. Your father was feared and respected. Dads were dads. ..."

Read the entire article: http://www.psmag.com/health-and-behavior/why-men-kill-themselves-in-such-high-numbers

Feminists want us to define these ugly sexual encounters as rape. Don’t let them.

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By The Washington Post 05/20/2015

"There was the time when, 19 and naive, I was guilt-tripped into entirely unwanted physical intimacies with a much older married man. And the time, three or four years later, when I went to visit an on-and-off long-distance boyfriend and quickly realized that it was over for me — but he assumed we were still on, and I didn’t have the nerve to say no. And the time I told a man, “Look, I’m not going to sleep with you,” and it was taken as, “Try again in a couple of hours.” He did, and it worked. ..."

Read the entire article: http://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2015/05/20/feminists-want-us-to-define-these-ugly-sexual-encounters-as-rape-dont-let-them/?hpid=z3

Feminist Enemy Number One

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By The Weekly Standard 06/01/2015

"Lately, there’s a lot of talk among feminists about the need to keep women safe. The rape culture is allegedly inescapable, and trigger warnings are appended to college syllabi to protect sensitive souls from reminders of any past cause of pain, from “neuro-atypical shaming” to mention of “how much a person weighs.” But it turns out that if you dare to debunk feminist myths, you’re the one that really needs protection. ..."

Read the entire article: http://m.weeklystandard.com/articles/feminist-enemy-number-one_952624.html

As Another Accusation Bites the Dust, Columbia Rape Saga Takes New Turn

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By Reason.com 05/20/2015

"This week's graduation at Columbia University caps the bizarre, often sordid saga involving the two most famous members of the Class of 2015: Emma Sulkowicz, the activist who protested the school's alleged mishandling of her alleged rape by carrying a mattress around campus, and Jean-Paul Nungesser, the German scholarship student she accuses of raping her. On Tuesday, Sulkowicz carried her mattress across the stage at Class Day, despite half-hearted attempts by Columbia officials to enforce a regulation against bringing "large objects" into the ceremonial area—and despite the fact that the "mattress performance" was for a senior visual arts thesis she had already completed. Her activism was also lauded (with no mention of her name) by two commencement speakers, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power. ..."

Read the entire article: http://reason.com/archives/2015/05/20/columbia-rape-saga-lingers-after-mattres

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