University Bars Two Reporters — One a Gay Conservative, the Other a Lesbian Feminist Activist — From a Debate on Feminism and Censorship

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By 10/07/2015

"... Yiannapoulos told TheBlaze in an interview Wednesday afternoon that “the irony of it speaks for itself” as  their banishment from the event was “telling” of modern feminists who don’t just want to censor people that disagree with them — they want to censor everyone. ..."

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The Man Who Defends Men Accused of Campus Rape

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By 10/22/2015

"...Last December, James Clark* was finishing his first semester as a sophomore at a prestigious New England liberal-arts college when he received an email saying the dean wanted to speak with him. On the phone, the dean informed him that a female classmate had reported Clark for sexual misconduct. ..."

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Asian men targeted by sham marriage visa fraud

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By The Sunday Tmes 07/19/2015

" A 24-YEAR-OLD Lithuanian woman has been “engaged” to marry four different Asian men in Ireland in the past nine months, a Sunday Times investigation has found. 

Three of the men, two from Pakistan and one from India, claim the woman accepted €3,000 from each of them in return for agreeing to enter a sham marriage to regularise their visa status in Ireland. The three men allege the woman took the money but then reneged on the deal. 

In the past year there has been a surge in Pakistani nationals coming to Ireland from the UK after a clampdown there on people whose visas have expired. ..."

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