John's Incredible Pizza Fundraising Night

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By Ramneet Gill and Kirandeep Kaur, Editor Jordan Thompson, 07/12/2016

The interns for Stop Abuse For Everyone held a fundraising night at John's Incredible Pizza on Friday, July 9, 2016. The goal of the fundraiser was to raise money to fund SAFE's upcoming Public Service Announcement video. Our PSA highlights domestic violence against males and how society tends to overlook them as being victims of abuse. The fundraising night was a huge success with over 200 people who came out to support SAFE.

During the fundraiser, the interns informed members and fellow advocates about SAFE’s mission and how the community can help make a difference. Our interns found many new supporters that were more than willing to help our organization after they heard about our cause and the measures we are taking to bring awareness to male domestic violence victims.

It was a pleasant experience for our interns to engage with the community and educate them further on human rights issues.
On behalf of SAFE, we would like to thank everyone who came out to this event and supported our organization.

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SAFE Attends SCRIPT's 2016 Stop The Stigma Conference

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By Jordan Thompson, Editor Ramneet Gill, 07/07/2016

Stop Abuse for Everyone's 2016 interns attended the Summit on Community Resilience, Intervention, Prevention, and Training (SCRIPT) - conference. The conference focuses on how to stop the stigma of male domestic violence. The interns attended meetings that discuss how to end violence around communities, as well as the LGBTQ community.StanleyCarol Types of violence could include: gang, retaliatory, domestic, post-traumatic stress, interpersonal (using violence to solve a dispute), black and brown, and emotional. The speakers and the audience then explored ways to battle these different forms of violence, such as getting involved with your community through volunteering and mentorship, love the community that you serve, and share any helpful information with your community. Physical fitness and showing compassion can also help mend a broken community. 

Stanley Green, a male victim of domestic violence and member of SAFE's Speaker Bureau, and Carol Crabson, the CEO of Valley Oasis' male domestic violence shelter, showed a presentation on male domestic violence and identified the what signs to look for. The picture to the right is of Stanley and Carol.  The audience received resources on intimate partner violence, which are available to individuals who did not attend the conference as well. This was a fantastic conference that opened the minds of our interns and cleared any assumptions about domestic violence.

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SAFE Speaker - Elizabeth Crawford Speaks on Dating Violence at School District In-Service

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Dating Violence Presentation by Elizabeth Crawford for the Narragansett Regional School District

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If you are interested in "Stop Abuse for Everyone" speaking at your school in-service, event, or community night please contact us. 

Phone: (661) 829-6848

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Patrick Dati Joins SAFE Speaker's Bureau

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Patrick Dati is an advocate for all victims of abuse: domestic, sexual, and gender preference. Patrick is an advocate because he cares. At age nine, his life was changed forever. He was raped by serial killer John Wayne Gacy. He cares about anyone who was sexually abused as a kid. He knows firsthand the mental and physical trauma victims live with. He cares about anyone who was bullied in a domestic relationship. Patrick cares about anyone who had to hide because of sexual preference. His advocacy is dedicated to helping victims stop hiding and to become the person they are intended to be so each of them can say “I AM ME”. His message is simple: “together we can overcome the hiding and shame caused by abuse and bullying.” 

Patrick is associated with se
veral organizations devoted to promoting the rights for victims of domestic abuse and the advancement of LGBTQ rights. These organizations include Chicago’s Center on Halsted; New York City Anti­Violence Project; MaleSurvivor; Teach Antibullying Inc; Dream Catchers for Abused Children; The National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse; and RAINN. In 2011, Dati was selected by SAMHA/US Department of Health and Human Services to participate in their 2012 trauma survivor campaign. In 2014 Dati’s book “I AM ME” was published. 

Dati has appeared on WGN News with Larry Potash; ABC News with John Garcia; NBC News with Dick Johnson, ABC 7 Windy City Live with Val Warner. Additionally, he has been interviewed by Sarah LeTrent from CNN ; by Naomi Nix from Chicago Tribune; by Mike Thomas from Chicago Sun­Times; and by Carrie Maxwell from Windy City Media Group. He is frequently invited to be a guest speaker on radio shows such as D­Talk Radio Show hosted by Denise Brown; eHealth Radio Network hosted by Eric Michaels; and blogtalkradio hosted by Laurie Smith. 

Dati’s book “I AM ME” was published in 2014.  It chronicles his life of abuse commencing with the rape by John Wayne Gacy as a nine year old  KIRKUS describes “I AM ME” as a “riveting, heart-wrenching chronicle of one man’s journey from victim to survivor.” It is an intense story that could empower other survivors.

Specialized Topics:
  • Domestic Violence
  • Bullying
  • Sibling Bullying
  • Child Abuse Prevention
  • Coming Out

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