Primarily for abused men

  • MESA Canada provides information for fathering issues affecting battered men.
  • Menweb contains several articles about domestic violence against men, including an article from the founder of the first modern women's shelter in the world, and several others.

Primarily for same-sex domestic violence victims

Primarily for abused women

Domestic Violence Resources

  • The Fiebert Bibliography - This document is meant to be a companion to the Research flyer above. If anyone tries to discount the research that shows women abuse men, offer them this - the bibliography cites over a hundred research studies which show women are as abusive or more abusive than men in relationships. This 20-page document is a sure way to combat skepticism of the facts about domestic violence.   
  • The General SAFE, Abused Men, Abused Gay Men, Abused Lesbian's, and Dating Violence brochures are available for service providers and individuals. Brochures are continuously being updated and created; therefore, available options are subject to change. 

Online Support