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Stop Abuse for Everyone (SAFE) is an organization that provides information, resources, a media campaign, educational brochures, an advocacy program, as well as, expert speakers on an array of abuse topics.

We differ from most organizations because we help victims that tend to fall in-between the cracks and have few services available to them.

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We are working on building a National Directory of Services for men, the disabled, the elderly, gay/lesbian/bi/trans, immigrants, teens, and more. If you have any shelters you would recommend, please contact us.

If there are not any services provided near you, try contacting your local domestic violence service provider, the Domestic Violence Hotline, the Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men & Women.  If you are in immediate danger, dial 911.

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This is a collection of essays regarding domestic violence.

Sibling violence

Teen dating violence


  • Are you being stalked? by Kim S. discusses how to identify if you are being stalked, and what to do if you are. (added 1/28/05)

Abused men

  • How many know... is a two-page list of information on battered men, by David Fontes.

  • Violent Touch: Breaking Through the Stereotype is a research summary on abused men, by David Fontes, Ph.D., former Director of SAFE. It is 63 pages long, in PDF format.

  • Cain's To Blame by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This essay explores the origins of abuse and argues that we should concentrate on healing rather than on blaming the abuser or the victim. A well-written, intelligent read.

  • The Hidden Victims of Domestic Violence, by Nancy Wolf, is an excellent essay on the issue of abused men in our culture. She discussed the research, the cultural issues, and more, in a well-documented, well-written essay. (added 9/14/01)

  • In Defense of Men, by Sheridan Hill, a feminist author who investigated the issue of domestic violence and went from scoffing at the idea that men can be abused to acknowledging that women, too, can be violent.

  • Domestic Violence: A Gender Issue, by Emily Monroy, is an essay from a woman who survived domestic violence. In it, she discusses the issue of battered men, and concludes that male and female violence is very similar. (added 11/6/01)

  • Violence Knows No Gender, by Bill Kuhl. "Domestic violence against men is the subject of my graduate thesis. From my research, I have come to realize that, despite the increased media attention it has received lately, people still know very little about this form of abuse - especially two of its most common components." (added 11/26/01)

  • The Many Faces of Domestic Violence by Richard L. Davis. Explains different theories of why domestic violence occurs, and gives some historical context for understanding why we look at domestic violence the way we do. (added 2/11/03)

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If you would like to submit something to be entered on this page, please contact us. Please ensure your submission is well-edited and in text, HTML, or RTF format. Also, let us know if you would like your name attached to your piece. Please include a two line summary of your essay at the beginning of the submission.

Also note that the opinions expressed in these essays are the opinions of the authors, and not necessarily of SAFE. This is intended as a forum.


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