SAFE Domestic Violence Brochures

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General SAFE Brochure - English (PDF download)
For Everyone

Abused Men's Brochure - English (PDF download)
For Men

Abused Gay Men's Brochure - English (PDF download)
For GBT Men

Abused Lesbian's Brochure - English (PDF download)
For LBT Women

Question: Are the brochures available in other languages?

Answer: Volunteers are busy translating these brochures into a multitude of languages. You can see the status of the translation effort. Any brochure that is in the In production or To be printed stage is available.  Contact us for details on downloading brochures that are To Be Printed.

Question: What brochures will be available in the future?


  • Senior's abuse brochure
  • Teen's abuse brochure
  • General SAFE brochure

Question: Can I print the brochure from the web page?

Answer: We used to not allow printing of brochures, as we ran this as a self-funded brochure program. However, after many years, we decided to increase the impact of the brochure program by making them freely available. Note that the brochures are still copyrighted by Stop Abuse For Everyone. We are giving you a license to print them freely at this time.

Question: Can I phone you and request an order?

Answer: We do not accept orders. You must download the copy yourself and print it yourself.

Question: I am an individual, not a representative of an organization, but would like to help get agencies to offer it. What can I do?

Answer: Print out ten of each brochure. Take the brochures to law enforcement, medical or mental health providers, social service agencies, state and federal agencies, churches, libraries, community centers, domestic violence agencies, and any other agency that may be interested. Encourage them to download and print out the brochures. Find out who orders such literature for each agency, (a face to face brief meeting is best, but a phone call can work), and get the URL and sample brochures in their hands. Check back in 30 days to see if they have made a decision and are acting to have it available in the same manner they currently make available other domestic violence literature. If you actually took the time and made the effort to contact 10 organizations, you could have a huge impact! This is not as hard as it sounds: make some phone calls, ask some questions, find the right person, mail it out. Look at the list above, hospitals, police, etc. There are many organizations that currently distribute domestic violence brochures etc., find out who does in your area and contact them directly.

Question: What if I have other questions?

Answer:  Click Here to Contact Us

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